Monte Christo Cattle Company operates in the irrigated portion of the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, which affords us some of the longest forage growing seasons in America.

We use rotational grazing programs  on  numerous pasture to maintain Single Sire herds.  Warm season forage production is based  on improved Bermuda grass varieties including Brazos, Tifton 85 and recently CD90160.  During the cool season, we use clovers and medics  to maintain green, high protein forage.  

We supplement with hay that’s produced between the rows in our citrus groves as well as utilizing  citrus peel and pulp, the by product of our  Citrus juice plant. We incorporate automated irrigation systems including center pivot,  automated hose reels as well as low pressure gravity flow valve systems  to produce forage year round and reduce dependence on outsourced labor.