About our herd:

We’re currently breeding 300 females with a wide genetic base obtained by years of outsourcing genetic purchases and herd acquisitions all across America, as well as utilizing artificial insemination and embryo transfer from both the Simbrah and Simental breeds. We maintain meticulous records for maternal qualities with emphasis on weaning weights, milk production, mothering ability, temperament and fertility.

All of our mother cows maintain a calving frequency of 400 days or less, through the cooperation with the American Simmental/Simbrah Association. 

We strive to constantly improve our genetics by evaluation of the Total Herd Enrollment Program and the DNA certification program.

Our Cattle are Moderate, have great confirmation, they`re color correct and all of our Cattle are guaranteed fertile. 

We are also long time participants in the Carcass Quality Evaluation Program that guides our selection of herd sires to  produce not only outstanding females, but also to produce high quality beef  for the consumer. We participate annually in several Association sanctioned Ranch Alliance Sales, and we are able to offer both open heifers and bred heifers in quantity most of the time by Private Treaty.